Wilmslow Shared Lounge

Promoting a Healthy Retirement Lifestyle

Creating an experience is not about filling a building with all the latest features to make a good sales pitch: it’s about asking the right questions.

This informs everything from the services we offer in our spas to the fresh ingredients we use in our restaurants. Every area of a PegasusLife development is tailored to benefit the wellbeing and social lives of those who will live there.

On top of that, each development is managed by expert staff who go above and beyond to ensure every owner can make the most of all opportunities at their doorstep.

We all know the importance of staying fit and healthy into old age.

We know that exercising a little each day can support ease of movement and joint flexibility. Gyms can be intimidating, so we create smaller spaces, with gym equipment that is pneumatically driven rather than weight operated, making the environment more approachable and the whole experience more attractive.

But wellbeing is about more than just physical health. It’s about enjoying good company in welcoming, convivial environments.

Our restaurants, cafés and lounges are designed to be that. Bringing people together to enjoy seasonal dishes, specially selected wines and good conversation throughout the year.

Wilmslow Lounge

Discover who our wellbeing partners are, ensuring the highest quality services and products.

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