Retirement Properties Defined By Quality, Built With Passion

We believe that the current sector is not doing enough to meet the expectations of people in this country. That’s why we strive to make all our retirement apartments unique, relevant and inspiring. From the day we first discover a site, to moving day, and beyond.

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Renting with PegasusLife

Up until now, the only way to enjoy a Pegasus Lifestyle was to purchase one of our beautiful apartments. Not any more.

Renting with PegasusLife gives you all the joy of living in one of our communities without going through the rigmarole of the buying process.

Some of our developments have bustling restaurants supplied by their own kitchen gardens. Some have wellness spas, swimming pools and lounges that would shame a grand hotel. But whatever the amenities of the particular site you choose, as a tenant you will have unfettered access to them.

Your straightforward monthly fee includes everything from garden and building maintenance and insurance, to parking and Wi-Fi access. And, most important of all, our 24-hour emergency help and call alarm system plus four hours worth of handyman service.

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Beautiful blooms to brighten your outdoor living space

Springtime is the season for fabulous flowers and shows bursting with creative ideas. Why not bring the outdoors in, and take inspiration from some of this season’s flower displays to brighten your PegasusLife home.

World-famous Chelsea Flower Show, from 21 to 25 May, is a highlight of Britain’s horticultural calendar with amazing award-winning garden designs and perfect plants on display.

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