Our starting point in everything we do is a focus on those who choose our developments to be their home. 

We think about the things they'll want to do, the environment they want to live in and the style of service they require in a way that is different to other retirement apartments. While each development offers a unique experience tailored to its owners, location and design, they all place an unfaltering focus on quality facilities and service.

Customer Experience Director,

“It's about creating a holistic experience that caters towards a lifestyle that people really want.”

Customer Experience Director,


Working to promote health and wellbeing, some of our developments have extensive spa areas with swimming pools or steam rooms, while others have dedicated services such as massages and beauty treatments. And when it comes to food, we ensure we focus on sourcing fresh produce from local suppliers, and serving seasonal meals in a welcoming environment.

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We put local, seasonal food at the heart of our developments. Find out more here.

Food and Drink

At all of our developments, the service is tailored to the people and the place.

Service & Hosts

How people ‘feel’ emotionally and physically is central to our design ethos.