• Buying your Apartment
    • Is there private car parking available?

      It varies depending on which development, but we aim for one parking space per apartment on a first come first served basis. For further information about the specific development you are interested in, please speak to the development Sales Manager.

    • Do you offer part exchange?

      Yes, we offer part exchange through a third party provider. We are happy to make the introduction. Please ask your Sales Manager for more information.

    • Do you rent apartments?

      Some of our developments have a rental option, offering 6 or 12 month contracts. Ask your Sales Manager if the development you are interested in has this option.

    • What does buying off-plan mean?

      If you buy an apartment off-plan, it means you are agreeing to purchase your chosen apartment before it has been built. Purchasing early while the development is still under construction, allows you the benefit of having the first pick of the best apartments within a development.

    • Are your apartments part or fully furnished?

      Our apartments are sold unfurnished, however, we are happy to supply the details of our preferred interior designers who can work with you to quote and fit out your finished specifications.

    • What deposit will I need to pay to secure my Apartment?

      Deposits can be up to £10,000 but vary depending on the size of the apartment and on the development.

    • Can a friend or family member stay with me if they are under the development age limit & how long can they stay for?

      Yes, they can stay as visitors or guests but not as permanent residents. If someone wants to live in a PegasusLife apartment on a permanent basis, this would need to be discussed with us directly and they will have to meet the criteria of the development or be an agreed circumstance (such as a carer etc).

    • What safety features are there in your apartments?

      Our Tunstall system offers enhanced communication to health care professionals, including alarms and touch screen response units should you need it. All our sites are equipped with CCTV and most of them have hosts on-site to provide support where needed.

  • Costs & Charges
    • How much is the PegasusLife service charge?

      Our service charges vary from development to development depending on what services are on offer. A full breakdown can be supplied on request for each development.

    • What does your service charge cover?

      Every development is unique and offers different services, such as spas, restaurants, delis etc. However, all developments have the following costs included in the service charge: host or on-site manager, internal maintenance, cleaning, grounds & garden, utilities and health & safety.

    • Are there any additional charges?

      Additional charges are dependent on the services that are on offer such as spa treatments, dog walking and any extra care packages. 

    • Will costs increase after I move in?

      All of our service charges are a recharge of costs incurred for each development. Therefore, there is likely to be a slight inflationary increase as per U.K. inflation rates.

    • What is ground rent and what is it used for?

      Ground rents are payable on leasehold properties in England and Wales, but not Scotland, which operates under a different legal system. As with all leasehold properties in England and Wales, ground rents are a condition of the lease for our apartments. They are set by PegasusLife at the outset of the development and are highlighted during the sales process to all customers.

      We make sure that ground rents are fair and do not increase at an unreasonable level, in fact they will only increase inline with the Retail Price Index (RPI).

      Our ground rents are fixed for the first 15 years. The second ground rent review is on the 10th anniversary of the first rent review.

      The third review - and any other future rent reviews - can only be made after another ten years (and on each ten year anniversary).

    • The Government has said that it is going to abolish ground rents. Why are you charging ground rent?

      The Government announced its intention to prohibit the charging of ground rents last year as part of wider proposals to reform current arrangements following issues around the sale of leasehold houses. At present, however, these remain proposals and no legislation has yet come forward – in fact, it may be some time before any changes actually come into force.

      In any event, the Government made it clear that ‘limited exceptions’ may apply and it would be holding further discussions with the industry.

      On this basis, we continue to charge reasonable ground rents commensurate with our developments.

    • Is council tax included in the service charge?

      No council tax is not included in the service charge.

      Your council tax can change depending on your personal circumstances and therefore it is your responsibility as an owner, to keep the council up to date on your circumstances.

    • What help is available if I need support with cost, or I run out of money after moving in?

      We work closely with all our owners to help meet any financial issue they may experience along the way - we have a number of preferred suppliers who can help explore financial support options, and we are happy to work with owners and their families to ensure that we can offer continued support, whatever the financial difficulty.

    • Do I have to pay the service charge when the apartment becomes vacant?

      Yes - but we do offer a resale service and part of that offering is to defer the service charge during the period of sale.

    • Will I have to pay exit fees if the apartment is sold on?

      Unlike many of our competitors, we don't charge any exit fees should the apartment be sold on.

    • Do you charge contingency fees on your developments?

      No - we don't charge contingency fees on our developments.

  • Pets
    • Can I bring my pet cat or dog with me to a PegasusLife property?

      We are one of few property developers that allow our owners to have pets, we think it's important that regardless of whether someone brings a pet with them or if they would like a pet for the company in their new home they should be allowed.

      Of course, there are guidelines and a letter of consent will need to be granted. We give consideration to all pets and will make sure any decision that is made is done with the agreement of all.

    • Can a friends or relative bring their pet dog when they visit?

      Yes, relatives and guests can bring a dog although they are not permitted in communal areas like the communal garden and the guest suite even if the stay is an overnight one.