Our 6 Principles of Design

When we design buildings, we’re not just thinking about physical places. We’re thinking about the lifestyles that will unfold in those places, and how our buildings can best support the unique and evolving needs of the people living there. We have created 6 design principles to live by, in order to create homes that fit into our philosophy.

Kerb Appeal

First impressions count. Our schemes are designed to create the right first impression and to then carry those positive experiences with people as they move through the developments' spaces. This journey not only shapes the purchasing decision but is the cornerstone of our design process.

Flexible and Intuitive

PegasusLife properties are designed to adapt to your needs

Our need to be flexible to allow the owners to adapt spaces as their needs change. This can manifest from large interventions such as sliding walls through to invisible details, such as WIFI or how lighting is controlled. Everything we do is designed to be intuitive and simple to use.

Home as Sanctuary

The home is a sanctuary, a retreat from the outside world that should be happy, comforting and uplifting. Our new homes are designed with this core idea in mind, considering how each space contributes and builds upon this experience.

Designed for Life

Our dwellings are designed for people and their possessions in mind. This means-spaces, materials and fixtures that are durable to everyday use. It also means great care is taken to think about all the things that people have and want to store so that they can continue to enjoy their books, hobbies and belongings as they grow older.


How people ‘feel’ emotionally and physically - their personal ‘well-being’ - is central to our design ethos. Attributes such as space, light and air that promise comfort and security, as well as ‘uplifting’ architectural devices which create ‘delight’, will be vigorously promoted through the design process.

Social Interaction

PegasusLife properties are designed to promote social interactions

Our buildings strive to nurture close-knit communities; therefore the arrangement of all shared spaces including entrance lobbies and corridors, lounges and leisure areas, service spaces including laundries etc, are designed to create opportunities for social interaction, whether planned or unplanned.

We are currently developing over 25 sites across the UK. Spanning a variety of locations from coastal and market towns to city centres, all of our sites are close to shops, services and supermarkets, and have easy access to local transport.

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Our Philosophy

We're very proud to be recognised for the innovation and quality of our developments.


Every area of a PegasusLife development is tailored to benefit the wellbeing and social lives of those who will live there.