Our History

PegasusLife was born out of a desire to rethink the way the UK is addressing the ageing population.

While we are set to see significant increases in the percentage of the population over 60, there will also be considerable growth in the number of people over 85, with nearly 20% of the current UK population expected to see their 100th birthday.

Retirement housing helps prevent some of the largest hurdles facing elderly people in the UK today. While the physical health problems that arise with old age are well documented, issues such as mental health and loneliness are still misunderstood and remain largely unspoken throughout society. Retirement housing provides support on a physical and emotional level, improving the health, security and overall well-being of those who live there.

We want to provide housing solutions that take a modern approach to some of these very real problems.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy centres around bringing together the country’s leading designers, academics, creative thinkers and producers to create developments that are uniquely designed to embody the character of its location, the interests and the lifestyles of the people we believe will want to live there.


“Our vision is to become the most admired provider of retirement housing in Britain: through innovation, trust & respect.”




We don’t see any site as a blank slate. Each development has a history and character that we believe should be sensitively incorporated into its future. This could be a listed building or monument, wildlife that also has a home there, or mature trees that need to be protected.


Our architects and designers see buildings as a way to contribute sensitively to the surrounding town or city. They look at local vernaculars, materials and history to shape their designs, gaining as much joy from preserving past architectural gems as creating new ones.



The quality of design and materials extends from the exteriors right through to the smallest interior details. With an emphasis on subtlety and longevity, external materials are chosen to complement and enhance the surrounding area, while the interiors focus on creating a tasteful, versatile environment. 

Creating Community

Creating communities is at the heart of what we do. But our communities are not simply contained within our developments. They extend to the wider public and are designed to endure for generations to come. Inspired by the much-loved parks of London and village greens across the country, our landscape architects, designers and planners create places that aren’t just attractive but of use to a community.

We have created 6 design principles to live by, in order to create homes that fit into our philosophy.

Principles of Design

We ensure that the highest level of expertise is brought to all areas of our business.

Our Suppliers

How people ‘feel’ emotionally and physically is central to our design ethos.