Who are we?

Established in 2012, PegasusLife was created to rethink and reinvent the places and ways in which we live as we get older. Over the past century, our population has aged dramatically, yet many of the retirement housing solutions on the market no longer meet the needs of the new generation of retirees.

Retirement housing helps prevent some of the largest hurdles facing older people in the UK. While physical health issues are well documented, issues such as mental illness and loneliness are still misunderstood and it is our mission to bridge the gaps that we see in these areas.


Our promise to you

We’re looking at a generation of individuals with wholly unique tastes, preferences and lifestyles, and it’s our job to create places where these people can maintain their independence, pursue their interests and do the things that make them, them.

Whether it’s the brand of coffee we serve in the café, the massages and therapies we offer in the spa, or the type of pastries we order from the local bakery, every aspect of our developments are informed by the people who live there – down to the very smallest of details.

Our Developments

The number of PegasusLife sites in the UK is growing all the time. We are currently in the process of developing over 30 sites in a variety of locations, from Wilmslow down to the South Coast of England. 

All our developments are close to key amenities, such as supermarkets and doctors surgeries, are close to open space, and have easy access to transport links.

Bringing together the country’s leading designers, academics, creative thinkers and producers to create unique developments.

Our Philosophy

Every area of a PegasusLife development is tailored to benefit the wellbeing and social lives of those who will live there.