Property management

In our mission to give homeowners complete transparency, we have set up our own property management company, Helicon, to run each of our developments.

Everyone who owns a PegasusLife home has full visibility on how money is spent, how the development is managed and how it is run.

Our own Property Management Company
Helicon App

At your fingertips

But Helicon isn’t just about managing and maintaining buildings. It’s about engaging with the surrounding community at each development, forming relationships with local services and suppliers to create an experience that benefits the whole community.

To aid full control and transparency, we have created a property management tool for Helicon. This app allows people to book services, track and view expenditure, and stay up to date on all that’s going on at their development and in the surrounding area.

Of course, for those who’d rather discuss this information in person, our team of Hosts and General Managers have access to all the same information and are more than happy to handle questions and bookings in person.

We are in the process of developing over 30 sites in a variety of locations, from Wilmslow down to the South Coast of England. 

Our Developments

At all of our developments, the service is tailored to the people and the place.

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