Live Well


All these elements together to create a place where people can have the lifestyle they want.

Creating an experience is not about filling a building with all the latest features to make a good sales pitch: it’s about asking the right questions. How do people want to live? What really matters to them? What is relevant and suitable to this particular place? Our emphasis is on good food, good health and good company.

It’s not enough that there’s a restaurant in a building. We champion local artisans and independent businesses, we put glass panels around the kitchen so people can see their food being made every day, while long communal tables make neighbours strike up conversation with each other. Spas and gardens are relaxing areas, while fitness facilities are designed to be unintimidating and intuitive, easily adapted to a range of interests and abilities. These places, and the staff we hire to run them, are there to let people continue the activities they care about.