The First Step


We are always inspired by the land we work on: its history, its surroundings and its future.

We work on sites that are situated in the centre of town, served by good transport links and have a close-knit community and lots of things in the social calendar.

Whether a piece of land is home to a mansion or a car park when we find it, we always uncover the stories that make it unique.

In Lichfield, the ancient ‘Monks Walk’ community garden shaped the gardens and design of our development, while our building in Canford Cliffs was specifically designed to sit in sympathy with the Chines of the area. Our approach preserves the history and beauty we find, and enhances it over time.

We believe that the current sector is not doing enough to meet the expectations of people in this country. That’s why we strive to make all our projects unique, relevant and inspiring, from the day we first discover a site, to moving day, and beyond.

Beyond bricks & mortar