Beyond Bricks & Mortar


The architects and designers we work with see buildings as a way to contribute sensitively to the town or city they are situated in.

Each development is designed to be an attractive, subtle addition to the street. Their doorways open up to bustling, hidden spaces that unfold around greenery and walkways.

Architects look closely at local vernaculars, materials and history to shape their designs. They’re as excited about preserving past architectural gems as they are creating new ones. One Bayshill Rd in Montpellier, Cheltenham, is an instance where its Grade II listed villas have been faithfully restored, then joined by a modern design that brings expansive space and light.

Inside all of our developments, long, dark corridors are banished, and buildings are laid out as a series of sociable spaces. This lets people bump into each other as they go about their day-to-day lives so that a genuine community can arise through shared interests and habits.

Living legacies