NLA Exhibition

NLA Exhibition

London living for a generation defined by who they are, not how old they are.

Since its formation in 2012, PegasusLife has been on a mission to fundamentally rethink and reinvent the places and ways in which we live as we get older.

That’s Not Me explores some of the central ideas behind their work, asking people to take another look at retirement living and rethink their ideas about what the sector has to offer. As it stands, people rule the option out as they imagine a homogenous product that doesn’t reflect who they are.

For PegasusLife, the process begins with people: they think about different tastes, interests and lifestyles, and understand that we’re defined just as much by who we’re not as by who we are. With this is a starting point, they design spaces that allow people to pursue the interests, maintain the lifestyles and do the things that make them them.

Through showcasing their presence in London, the exhibition unpacks the ways in which their developments in Hampstead and Westminster encapsulate the philosophy behind their work.

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PegasusLife arrives in Bristol

The PegasusLife Showroom just opened in Bristol.

Come and see first hand how we’re reimagining retirement living.

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PegasusLife wins again at the Housing Design Awards 2017

The Vincent, Bristol development wins HAPPI Project award at the Housing Design Awards 2017

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