Part Exchange

For a simple & stress-free purchase

PegasusLife is delighted to offer you Part Exchange on your current property. Our trusted partners will help you to remove the stress and lack of certainty that comes with selling your home and gives you the complete peace of mind that comes with a guaranteed sale at a fair market price.*

The benefits are numerous:

Certainty: A guaranteed buyer for your home.

No chains: One simple transaction that removes any risk of delays or fall-throughs that are so often encountered with chains.

No Estate Agents fees: By cutting out the middle man, you will avoid the fees that can be as much as 2.5% of the proceeds of your sale.

Speed: An offer on your property can be made within 24 hours of valuation. We will then ensure that the process moves quickly to ensure your deadlines are met.

Flexibility: We make sure that you can remain in your property until you are ready to move into your new home.

Security: We provide an offer made on the basis of multiple, independent valuations including one of your choice. This ensures that you are receiving a fair market value on your property.

No obligation: There is no charge for making the offer on your property and you are under no obligation to accept it.

How it works:

We have made the scheme simple and transparent to give you and your loved ones comfort and ease. Once you have chosen your PegasusLife apartment, we arrange for one of our trusted partners to organise the process.

The Part Exchange company will commission multiple valuations from local Estate Agents and organise a survey from an RCIS surveyor.

Then, subject to survey, they will then suggest a purchase price based on this research.

If you choose to accept, the exchange will be organised by your solicitors.

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